The Best Products That Are Cheap

What to use the best products for your hair that are not going to cost you an arm or leg?

Check out my latest products are will give you that runaway look without the added tax.

I alway carry in my mobile hairdresser bag a collection of great products are cheaper then what I would get charged if I purchased hair products from either a retailer or actually hair company. As a mobile hairdresser I need to carry the right amount of products that I know will work and create the look for the hair I am working on. I haven’t got a space anymore where I work out off, so as a mobile hairdresser I created a business that enables me to work from my clients place and if you haven’t tried my mobile hairdressing business, you don’t know what you are missing.

My first product of choice and this one is perfect to finish off your style is called

‘My Secret Weapon’ by John Freda. Its always in my mobile hairdressing bag. It’s perfect for that sexy smooth and textured style. Add it to the finished look. Either let your hair dry naturally or free hand blow dry it with a little touch of mouse in it and then apply only a small amount and rub it into your hair and I mean rub it. Only apply mid to ends and not on the roots, or you will be rooted! The secret is not to use to much! You can buy it from Chemist Warehouse for only $11 and what a bargain that product is. Mobile hairdressing is the way forward as you don’t have to leave your house and you get to see the products we use.

Best Products

The second product thats always in my mobile hairdressing bag is a can of Elnett gold hairspray. This hairspray rocks the socks off other hairsprays as it’s gentle on the hair, doesn’t leave the hair sticky and brushes out in one go. As a mobile hairdresser I need the perfect spray as I don’t carry a back basin around and certainly haven’t get time to rinse the spray out, so I need to work with the best on the market and Elnett has been around for over 40 years, so get this spray. It’s excellent for fine hair too. The best way to apply this hairspray is to make sure you hair is totally dry, either letting it dry naturally or blasting it off with a good hairdryer. Tilt your head forward as though your are about to address your shoes or looking for something on the floor, so basically, head right over. You need your hairdryer for this one. Blasting the spray away from your hair and get the hairdryer and blast it back in with the air. Basically, don’t directly spray straight into your hair otherwise you will not get that lifted finish. Mobile hairdressers need that perfect finish look quick and easy as we are on the road all the time. Word of warning, open the windows or spray outside as it has a strong smell, but don’t worry though as you put more bad things into your body must of the time.  Chemist Warehouse small $7 large $11.

Best Products


The Third one I am going to share and this one is an important one for a mobile hairdresser as it keep the hair looking smooth as Kate Moss after a night out, L’oreal Elvive Smooth Intense. Apply a few drops into wet hair, comb through making sure you don’t leave any single strand of hair out and that is the trick. Add whatever other product your are going to use or not and Bobs your uncle. I have been on the road as a mobile hairdresser for over 10 years and have worked out many different products throughout my years in London, Europe and Australia and believe me, (bald hairdresser) hahaha You really do not need to spend an arm or leg on styling products, you just got to know which ones actually work. I have used expensive one and some of them are not that good. Remember, product company’s are there to make money of customers so they bring out many different products and package them up in different colours as not everyone will want to buy a black or white product as it might not match their bathroom colours, it’s called “Advertising and great marketing!’ While I was working for Toni & Guy back in the day, I was the number one top product seller throughout the whole company as I knew what sell’s and what my clients wanted and I made a few bucks from it. Now it’s all different, I don’t sell products, just inform where to buy them and the cheap good ones.

Best Products



Latest hair and makeup trends from Elle

Happy New Year
Here are the latest hair and makeup trends from Elle 


The new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is extremely light and easy to pack in a travel bag and drys your hair faster than a kettle boiling and it has already come down in price, from $800 to $499. So why haven’t myself and other hairdresser got one yet? Considering we are pretty good at blowing hair already and usually buy a Parlux hairdryer as these are the best ones and cost between $140-$250 and are easier for us to use. I’m pretty sure the Dyson will come down further in price and by the end of next year, there will be other brands will a similar product at a much cheaper price.

Its a bit smoky in the air today around Sydney, so don’t forget to open the patio with a chilled wine in hand while resting in the floating hammock.

Lift the winter blues and refresh those curls with a MUK Hair Colour that not now sends shock waves with your friends, this colour is a statement!

I shall let you know my Secret Bond Product… Fluffy down the fluff!

Winter Warmer from Muk Haircare Colour

We are excited to offer our clients a Winter Warmer from Muk Haircare Colour. If you book a half head of foils and a haircut between Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for the month of June, you will receive the service for $160.             Don’t forget to make sure you dry your hair before leaving your home to stop those chilly flues or colds you pick up.


We are excited to bring on board Muk Haircare

We are excited to bring on board Muk Haircare.

Muk is an exciting Australian owned professional haircare brand. Founded in Melbourne (Australia) in 2006, muk embarked on a journey to develop a brand that went against the trend of other haircare brands. Their vision was to create a range that not only outperformed market leaders but grabbed the imagination and attention of a saturated marketplace constantly bombarded with ‘scientific’ jargon and magical claims.

muk launched its first product ‘Hard muk’ in late 2006. With just one product, muk became an overnight success. With its brightly coloured aluminium packaging, cheeky product names and provocative advertising, the brand was on everyone’s lips. Ten years later, they have become a market leader in professional haircare in Australia, a favourite with consumers worldwide and international distribution in nineteen countries.

With 34 core range products, 5 specialised Argan Oil products and 6 best selling electrical tools, the brand caters to the hair needs of everyone.

muk is not just about great products. It’s a culture, a lifestyle and an attitude.
And more importantly they are a 100% independent, Australian owned brand.

All muk products are PETA approved.

Bob’s are back

Bob’s are back, but whatever you do, do not follow fashion as it’s a load of cobblers. Short blunt fringes with an edge will set the trend around the East. These haircuts are great and you will stand out from the crowd if it is cut right. They are sharp, sexy, can be worn by either a female or male and are certainly a statement about yourself. Watch out they don’t make your face rounder or longer. If you have a round face, whatever you do, make sure they don’t cut the length to your chin or cheekbones. Get the length going past your chin so that it flats out your face and certainly not a wild square fringe. Saying that though, who am I to say what is best!

Hot off the press for Mr. Bond’s latest wicked styling products for the one and only, YOU!  Get yourself De Lorenzo Sandstorm for that beached matted hair. It’s the perfect product without any build up and easy to reshape your hair.  There’s another cool product for those days when the end of your hair needs some tender love from either a haircut or by applying this amazing product called, ‘Murray’s Olive Oil…It’s my next big thing at present with hair play. Only apply a tiny amount on the tips of your fingers, rub it into your hands and apply from ends to ends.

I have been working on a film set lately, cannot share which one, but It’s been rather fun for me considering, I am the only one in my business, and now working with over 20 hair and makeup artist, being feed lots of interesting stuff through their knowledge working in the film and TV industry…I have now got my foot in the door, so to speak.

I cannot believe it’s Feb already and before we know it, March on our doorsteps. So let’s get cracking on with our hair and have a change of heart and find yourself a new hairdresser, Me. Put your car keys in the bowl, pick up your phone and call me. I might take a few hours to reply to the call – as I am most probably with a client for a few hours, but don’t stress if your the sort of person who likes things done straight away, you will be hearing from me by the time the day is up and guess what? You’ll love my business. So what are you waiting for??

Mum’s Postpartum Hair Loss

I get this question asked all the time with new mums, “My hair is falling out by the clumps of it after having the baby, is this normal”? Many new mums are surprised to find themselves shedding more hair than usual in the first few months after giving birth, but it’s perfectly normal. And there’s no need to panic: You won’t go bald. In fact, your hair should be back to normal by your baby’s first birthday. Yep, it could take a whole year, so do not stress. I haven’t even had kids and all my hair fell out! Here’s what’s going on. Normally, about 85 to 95 percent of the hair on your head is growing and the other 5 to 15 percent is in a resting stage. After the resting period, this hair falls out – often while you’re brushing or shampooing it and is replaced by new growth. An average woman sheds about 100 hairs a day. During pregnancy, increased levels of oestrogen prolong the growing stage. There are fewer hairs in the resting stage and fewer falling out each day, so you have thicker, more luxuriant tresses.

After you give birth, your oestrogen levels take a tumble and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage. Soon you’ll have more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. This unusual shedding will taper off and your hair will be back to its pre-pregnancy thickness about six to 12 months after you give birth. By the way, not all women notice dramatic changes in their hair during pregnancy or the postpartum period. Among those who do, it tends to be more obvious among women with longer hair.

You won’t be able to stop the hair from falling out, but you can experiment with different hairstyles or products (such as hair thickeners or mousse) to give your hair a fuller look during this transition period.

Many mums, tired of scooping hair out of shower drains or sweeping strands off the bathroom floor, find that now is a good time to go for a shortcut. Plus, a short, wash-and-go hairstyle can be easier to take care of when you have a new baby in the house and you’re strapped for time.

A note to new mums with long hair: Strands of hair can end up tightly wrapped around your baby’s tiny appendages, including his fingers, toes, wrists, ankles, and penis. This is called a hair tourniquet, and it can be quite painful for your little one. If you find him crying for no apparent reason, check carefully for tight bands of hair.

Love Tho Hair

Welcome to the first important month of the year for your hair as it’s drying out wanting your love of hair moisturisers. Yep, believe it or not, the sun is an extreme hair burner and if you’ll applying skin lotion, then why not hair lotion too. Hats, scarfs and lots of hair moisturisers for this January. Be brave and wear the biggest hats as not only does it protect your hair, more importantly, face and neck too. Silk scarfs are great too. Now for the important part, hair. You don’t need to buy expensive products. Keep it simple and make sure you apply the moisturisers well into the hair shaft. Coconut oils are great summer hair. Best applied to the beach as it coats the hair shaft adding plenty of moisture and feeds the hair. Use the same one you cook with. Argen oils are good too. Check the tips out. If you’re in and out of the ocean, tie your hair up with a band and apply a gel over the rest of hair or a soft wax, just for that added protection or if you are game enough and want to stand out on Bondi Beach, check these cool swim-hats. Best book yourself a hair appointment at and get those ends trimmed and an Olaplex hair treatment so that you maintain healthy hair throughout the Summer months.